The Porta-Pit Color Washout Station treats the color washout water in a separate Porta—Pit for maximum SlurrySep™ usage and extremely easy dumping of the washout water and materials when disposal time comes.  The Porta-Pit holds 1.75 yards or 350 gallons of water. The most efficient way to build your Color Washout station is to have the loading spout and the Porta-Pit in the same area so that the truck does not need to move once the process begins.

  • Pump 200 gallons of pretreated SlurrySep™ water into the mixer to washout the color
  • Add 1 pound of SlurrySep™ to the Porta-Pit per use (1/2 the normal needed dosage)
  • Unload the water from the Mixer into the Porta-Pit (this keeps colored water out of your pits)
  • The solids and pigments will sink to the bottom and the water will quickly clarify for next use
  • After 15-20 uses, pump all the water into a mixer, dump and rinse the Porta-Pit, add 1 pound of SlurrySep™, unload water into the Porta-Pit and it is ready to use again for another 15-20 loads

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If you specific questions about The Porta-Pit for your unique situations, please call (626)  893-8170