Before you begin to pour, let the contractor know you will be using a chute rinsedown system and that everything in your chute must first be scraped out before you can use the Washout Watchdog. Ask them to keep that in mind so they will have a place for you to dispose of the concrete left in your chute. Politely let them know that everything in the chute will be their responsibility and everything left in the drum will be your responsibility.

  1. Scrape the chute as clean as possible before you begin using the Washout Watchdog system.
  2. Put the empty bucket on the ground and lower and lock your chute into the bucket so that all washout water and material is captured.
  3. Wash all the extensions into the bucket and hang them up.
  4. Place the bucket on the flopover and wash the remainder of your chute off. Move the chute back and forth as you normally would. Make sure you rinse behind the hula skirt and give your chutes a complete rinsing as well.
  5. Connect the hose to the bucket and connect the other end of the hose to the inlet at the top of the tank.
  6. Lift the chute so that the bucket valve is higher than the inlet on the tank. Push the chute away from the tank until most of the slack is taken out of the hose.
  7. Lock the chute into place and then open the valve. The bucket will begin draining into the tank.
  8. Climb your ladder and finish your rinse down of the fins, drum and unloading hopper.
  9. The bucket should be mostly drained by now. Tilt the bucket back away from the tank to finish draining and shut the valve.
  10. Remove the hose from the bucket once the valve has been shut. Spray enough water inside the hose to rinse out the slurry water. Hold it high and pull it taut to assure all the water is out. Then roll the hose up and detach it from the tank.
  11. Dispose of the rock and sand in the bucket if there is a place on the job site where you have permission to do so.
  12. Rinse out the bucket with a little water, place the hose inside the bucket and secure the bucket back in its rack.

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