The Porta-Pit Washout Water Treatment System is great for treating high pH and suspended solids.

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At last…a real answer to washout wastewater disposal that is convenient, and trouble-free!

Dealing with concrete washout wastewater is a burden on the precast concrete industry and for construction companies working onsite. Adhering to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) best practices to “collect and retain all the concrete washout water and solids in leak proof containers” may be tough to achieve without an effective comprehensive solution. Government regulations that are designed to protect the environment many times only tell companies what they’re not allowed to do.

Precast facilities and construction sites can create up to 1,000 gallons of washout wastewater per day depending on their production schedule and the types of products they manufacture. This water is caustic and usually collected in a pit or tank. A very high pH and suspended solids (TSS) count prevents the washout water from being dumped down the local sewer system or into the environment without treatment. There’s a good reason for local, state or EPA agencies preventing this option. A pH reading from 6 to 9 is safe for marine life while an acceptable range for plant life is between 6 and 7. As noted in a blog post from the National Precast Concrete Association titled Muddy Waters, washout wastewater, or process water pH can produce a pH of 12 (or even higher). This issue can put companies in a vulnerable position when not complying with the regulations.

The use of containers or pits to collect the washout is common and evaporation is one method to mitigate the accumulation of washout water. Evaporation can be inefficient (indoors and outdoors) and can take days or even weeks depending on the amount of washout water volume generated. In many locations, the weather has to be cooperative for that to work. Others have purchased a pay-as-you-go solution where they have been charged a fee per gallon of water captured. Even small-scale projects that generate 100 to 300 gallons of water a day can end up costing companies hundreds to thousands of dollars a month in disposal costs.

The problem is, once the water is collected, disposing of it properly has been a difficult, time consuming, and an expensive task.

A comprehensive system that captures and treats the water is what is called for and it doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. However, it does need to have key elements in place to function properly and last project-after-project.

The use of a portable container (with fork lift runners) that is durable as well as cost efficient, combined with a complete water treatment system, is the solution to reduce pH and knock out suspended solids. This system answers the industry’s needs. Rather than spend time and a fair amount of money to make a capture-and-treatment system that may or not work, a single source system is now available.

The Porta-Pit Washout Water Treatment System safely captures and contains wastewater and lowers the pH in very short period of time. Let’s look more closely at the key parts.

Porta-Pit® Container

The Porta-Pit® is a cross-linked, polyethylene industrial plastic bin with a metal frame for support and designed to hold as much as 330 gallons or 1.75 cubic yards of washout water and/or concrete solids. Yet, it is lightweight enough to be moved by hand when empty. The Porta-Pit® is a washout container that has proven durability and can handle from 50 to 3,000 gallons of washout water treatment daily.

Pre-casters, concrete and general contractors as well as small ready mix operations will find that the Porta-Pit® is easy to use and dump. Once full, a forklift or loader simply flips the Porta Pit® upside down. Due to the fact that concrete does not adhere to plastic, gravity plus the heavy weight of the concrete itself, will cause it to slide out without any oils or lubricants). Jack hammering of the concrete or excessive dropping/pounding on the ground is not necessary to get it to release, a common problem with steel bins. The forklift runners and steel halo protect the Porta-Pit® during use and prevent wear and tear of the plastic bin on the ground when it is
turned over. A form fitting custom lid that seals is also available that provides site security, protects from rainfall overfilling, and allows for transporting full if necessary.

Slurry Sep® Flocculent

The Slurry Sep® is a specialized dry powder flocculent specifically designed for concrete
washout water. When mixed into washout water, it reacts by reducing the pH and agglomerating the suspended solids so they quickly settle out. Alternatively, most liquid polymers have a limited shelf life, mixing problems and high cost. They also need strong liquid acids like sulfuric and hydrochloric on-site for pH reduction.

Washout Water Treatment System

The Porta-Pit® Washout Water Treatment System can reduce the pH within 10 to 15 minutes and clarify the water in less than half an hour. All the system requires is 120 VAC, compressed air and Slurry Sep® flocculent to operate. The Porta-Pit® Washout Water Treatment System consists of:

  1. Big Dog Porta-Pit®
  2. pH Control Panel and pH probe
  3. Sump Pump
  4. Poly Cone Tank for Flocculent Storage.
  5. Stand/Support mounted to side of Porta-Pit®
  6. Hoses and Connections
  7. Air Compressor (Optional)

When the system is activated, the sump pump circulates water out of the portable pit to read the pH and returned into the pit. The Slurry Sep® flocculent is dosed into the pit on a timed cycle using compressed air until the pH is reduced to below the adjustable set point (typically below 9.0). The dosing stops, but the system continues circulating water until the adjustable process cycle timer times out. The sump pump stops water circulation and the solids settle out within minutes. The water is sufficiently clear to be reused into making concrete, disposed into the sewer or into the environment where permitted. This system can also remove color particulates from the washout.

The Porta-Pit® Washout Water Treatment System allows companies to comply with local, state and EPA regulations, so this problem is no longer a washout!

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If you specific questions about The Porta-Pit for your unique situations, please call (626)  893-8170