Why Should I Consider the Washout Watchdog Chute Washout System? | FAQ’s

June 22, 2015

“Why should I consider the Washout Watchdog Gravity-Fed Chute Washout System?”

There are four things you should consider when purchasing our system over our competitors:

  1. Price is first and foremost. Not only is it among the least expensive systems to purchase and install initially, it continues to prove to be the best value in overall maintenance, time and parts upkeep.
  2. The simplicity of the system leads to extreme versatility and longevity. Whether or not the system is used every round or only sparingly, it does not break down. Because it is made of heavy duty plastic any concrete buildup that may occur is easily jarred loose and dumped out in seconds. It is very easily maintained by the driver, but it can take an enormous amount of neglect or down right abuse and still operate efficiently.
  3. The weather does not destroy nor interfere with its ability to operate. Our units are used daily in some of the hottest and coldest climates in North America with optimal results.
  4. It’s a reliable product. Many of our clients came to us because they outfitted their entire fleet with one of our competitor’s systems only to be disappointed with the unreliability of those systems on job sites or in difficult weather. Due to those facts, the annual maintenance costs were simply too high to continue to maintain.

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