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Providing a place for washout is your client’s biggest issue after the concrete is poured. Our Washout Watchdog or EnviroGuard Chute Rinse-out Systems are the #1 Solutions worldwide for handling chute cleanup on a jobsite.

The Washout Watchdog is a premiere chute washout system for ready mixed concrete trucks. It is comprised of a molded, heavy duty bucket that the driver hangs on the end of the chute at the beginning of the rinse down process on a job site. When the rinse down process is complete, the driver lifts the chute, attaches a hose to the bucket, opens the valve, and transfers the washout water by gravity to a tank that is attached to the truck. The water and materials are then returned to the plant for recycling. It is an affordable, lightweight, highly durable system that is gravity fed and works great in extreme heat or cold. Our tanks are also insulated to prevent the water from freezing. No pumps or air lines are needed and it is very reliable. Each unit is designed to provide full containment of all washout materials. We have several models that fit both front and rear discharge mixers.

Our systems fully capture and contain washout water on the truck, allowing you to return it to your facility for recycling. Adding a small surcharge for this service will quickly pay back the cost of the system.

Washout Watchdog® for Ready Mix Trucks:

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